Why Buying a Car Locally Makes Sense

by Andre Smith in Tips

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Living in a small town can have many advantages, yet when it comes to buying a new car, many people load up and drive to a big city. Does that really make sense? Your local dealer can provide more than you think.

There are many “trickle” down effects to buying local like helping your community, keeping local jobs and making sure your local economy thrives.

Plus, buying locally means that you are reinvesting into the future of your community.

Here are specific ways that buying local makes sense:

  1. If you’re patient, your local dealer can get you the exact car you want at a price that will match (or almost match) the price you’ll find in the ‘big city.’ Patience doesn’t necessarily mean waiting a long time either – a couple of days may be all it will take for your local dealer to bring in the car you want.

    NOTE: You’ll have to pay your local dealer a non-refundable deposit for them to be able to bring in a car for you. They can’t bring in a car unless they’ve got it sold which is why they ask for a non-refundable deposit. If you give them your money, you’re going to buy.

  2. Dealers often have more leeway when it comes to warrantying a car they sold, i.e.,. if you buy a new car at your local hometown dealer and that car breaks, your local hometown dealer can do more to get it fixed at little or no cost to you, even if the car is out of warranty. If you buy the car in the big city, the local dealer doesn’t have much latitude when it comes to fixing things outside of warranty, warrantying problems that could qualify as wear and tear, etc.

    This is by design – automakers want to help their dealers develop a customer base, so they’ve created warranty and repair rules that favor loyal customers.

  3. It’s not uncommon for out-of-state dealers – or dealers in faraway cities – to screw up local paperwork. While this isn’t terribly common, dealing with your local dealership reduces the odds that you’ll have to drive 200 miles to re-sign documents.
  4. Used car pricing is set by “dealer” books and the myth that a larger dealer will have a better deal on one specific model you are looking for is almost always false. There are times when the dealer might have more leeway in pricing, yet that is more to do with the profit margin in that particular car than across the entire lot.
  5. Last but not least, you don’t have to feel bad anytime you bring your car in for service if you buy locally. A lot of dealers are personally hurt that you didn’t buy a car from them and that can translate to awkward interactions with local people you see every day.

The truth is that you shouldn’t overlook your local dealer just because you hear stories of cheap deals in larger cities. For example, Klosters dealership has been serving the Newcastle, Australia area for decades and is known for their service to the customer. Yet, people insist on driving to Sydney, Australia in search of saving a buck. Yet, they end up spending their “savings” on gas and time to drive back. Don’t be that person who stiffs the local dealer in hopes of saving a dollar.

The question you should ask yourself is: If you owned the local dealership, would you want your neighbors to buy from you, or would you be OK with them going to buy in a big city? It is pretty clear what the answer would be.

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