Ways to Reduce Your Car Expenses

by Jeremy Corrigan in Tips

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Almost everyone wants to have their own car. When you get your first car the feeling is exhilarating, you are your own person, you can drive aimlessly around town and you feel the freedom. We all love that fuzzy feeling in your chest when your gas meter is full, but we soon realize that cars are a big expense. And I am not just talking about gas prices, car maintenance, repairs or car malfunctions on the road can ensure a perfect habitat for a moth colony in your wallet.

Before you get your first car you need to think about the expenses. Don’t splurge on unnecessary accommodations like leather seats, you will need that money for the insurance.

Regular maintenance

You need to know your car before you start trying to save money on it. Carefully read your car manual and see what the maintenance recommendations are and stick to them. Obviously, it is less expensive to maintain your car parts then to buy new ones. It may not seem economical in the beginning but it will save you money in the long run.

Researchers from Northwestern University did an experiment on whether mechanics charged their customers differently based on car knowledge. What they found was that well informed people were given a fair price and that on average women were given higher prices. But they also found that women were more likely to be given a discount if they asked for it. So be sure to thoroughly investigate mechanics, research them online, ask people for recommendations. And before you go to a shop to look up the cost of the repairs and educate yourself so the mechanic sees that you know your car. Mechanics will usually try to overprice their services and if they see you know what you’re talking about they are less likely to do so.

Google it

If used correctly the internet is the most valuable tool you have. You can find good mechanics online, look up their reviews, find possible engine problems and their. When buying insurance check the insurance rates. Rates can cost up to double in some states than in others. Also, look up their roadside assistance before you decide on anything to be sure their offers meet your needs. Online shopping will save you an ungodly amount of money. You can find anything online from cheap tyres like the ones found here, to headlight bulbs that can cost three times as less.

Do it yourself

If you own a car you have to know how to fix up the simplest malfunctions. Changing your oil, light bulbs and maintaining your tyre pressure can be done by anyone. Find the nearest gas station that offers free air and check your tyre pressure one a month. If you check your manual you will find the recommended tyre pressure in your manual. You will save gas by maintaining the optimal tyre pressure. Go online an look up simple DIY tutorials or even have a friend show teach you how to care for your car. When you buy online and do your own repairs like replacing wipes blades you will save money on parts and won’t have to pay for labor.

Insurance rates

One of the simplest ways of reducing car expenses is to not change it every two or three years. Your car insurance costs the most during the first year and the next year it costs half that. And if you own it for eight years the cost of those last three years is equal to the whole first year. So the older your car is the more you will save. If you maintain it properly you will get more for your money.

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