Repairing Scratches on Your Car

by Harry Johnson in Guides

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Your car scratched? Yes – You need a lot of money for that as painting and polishing is quite expensive. There are several ways of repairing scratches on your car.

Firstly clean the scratched area. Assess how deep the scratch and if the scratch isn’t terribly deep, applying a polish can presumably do the trick. If you wish to give it a shot, then wet-sanding is most likely your best selection for this repair. Use a 1500-grit sandpaper and fastidiously sand the scratched space.

Use a light-weight hand out toward the edges of the scratch, gently touching on the undamaged finish to blend. If the scratch is all the means to the primer, apply the primer first and let it dry before applying the bit-up paint. Shake the paint can before you open it until it’s well blended, and then apply it in line with the directions. Make sure it’s level with the opposite paint. Once the paint dries, apply the clear coat on the scratched area.

If you have to apply primer, first you will just add another step to the process of painting and allow to dry. After the clear coat dries completely, wet-sand to swish the new paint in with the rest of the finish. Apply polishing compound to blend the area in with the rest of the finish. Wash the area, let it dry, and then apply wax to guard the new paint.

There you go – the problems are fixed. No matter whether the scratch on your car is small or large, never delay regarding fixing it. A little scratch will become a huge rust downside if left untended. Take care of the matter immediately, and you will not have a drawback later.

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