Repair Car Power Windows By Yourself

by Harry Johnson in Repair

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As you are driving down the turnpike and approaching the tollbooth, you reach for the switch to lower your window and nothing happens. The switch moves but the window does not budge. Not even a noise from the window motor can be heard which strongly suggests to you that the device isn’t functioning. You have to stop your vehicle and open up the door to pay the attendant before continuing on your trip. Thoughts of an expensive repair bill are dancing in your head. Don’t worry: you can repair the power window yourself and save a bundle over expensive dealership charges. Let’s take a look at the steps and you’ll be able to mend the matter yourself and save a heap of cash in the process.

Before assuming that the window regulator must be replaced, you should first rule out the possibility of dirty electrical contacts. On most cars the main power for all switches goes through the master switch located at the driver’s console. Sometimes the switch is dirty inflicting the window to malfunction. If this is the case, take the required steps to wash the contact and your problem should be resolved.

Should you identify that the contacts are clean and your switch is functioning, then it is seemingly that the motor has burned out and is in need of replacing. Whether you’re putting in a Honda window regulator or a Volkswagen window regulator, or a regulator for any other make, the steps concerned in replacing a window regulator are sometimes quite the same:

1. Remove the door panel for the affected window.

2. Locate and remove the bolts holding the regulator to the door; it is likely you will have to manually lower the window in order to access the bolts.

3. Remove the old regulator, disconnect all wiring, and replace the old regulator with a new one you have purchased from a parts supplier. Shop online to find the best value as you will pay a mint if you order one through a dealership.

4. Tighten the bolts holding the new regulator and reinstall the moisture barrier. Make sure all the wires are put back in the door before closing the door panel.

5. Engage the power window switch and the new regulator should work unimpeded.

Of course, follow your car’s repair manual for specific instructions.

I’ve given to you a general outline to convince you that this can be a task that even a novice mechanic can handle – in other words: you also can do it! By handling the matter yourself, you will save lot of of cash by avoiding garages who will mark up the replacement part plus to tack on several hours of labor prices to your bill. Shop online to compare prices and to receive the best shipping and handling arrangements on the market.

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