Performance Tires for Improved Handling & Traction

by Perry Adams in Maintenance

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When searching for ways to improve your car’s performance, it can be easy to forget that your tires play an extremely important role in your driving experience. A high performance vehicle truly needs a dependable set of tires, with an optimal tread pattern, that will give you a tighter grip to better adhere to the road. Upgrading your tires can greatly impact your car’s appearance to give it a sportier look. Due to the increased traction, your car’s handling will be more precise and easier to control. Choosing the proper tire can seem a bit confusing, but luckily you can make the proper decision by understanding their main attributes.

Tread Designs

When choosing a performance tire you should consider the various tread designs available, which will affect your car’s reaction ability. You should also familiarize yourself with the speed rating system used to help you determine the proper tire. Tires offer diverse tread designs that are made to handle various road conditions. Tread blocks are used for increased traction, sipes and grooves are best for wet conditions, and tread shoulders are designed for maximum cornering abilities. Regardless of the tread you ultimately choose, the tire’s speed rating must be examined to ensure the best handling. Handling response goes hand in hand with your tire’s speed rating. The system uses the letters Q – Z to rate the tires handling abilities with Q rated the lowest, at 100 mph, to Z being the highest at a rating of 149+ mph. Without upgrading to a higher rated tire, you risk the chance of blowout or other serious complications that could arise from improper tires.

Properly Sizing Your Tires

When replacing your original set of tires, with high performance tires, you can replace them with tires of the same size, or you can upgrade to either a low profile or widened set. Low profile tires will enhance the quality and feel of your ride while also increasing its handling capabilities. The tread design on many low profile tires can be up to an inch wider, than your original set, giving you that stronger grip to the road you’ve been after. Plus size tires can also replace your existing set and they will maintain the original height while widening the sides. The response, handing, and appearance provided makes the plus size tire a popular choice by many car enthusiasts.

Safety First

Lastly, Performance tires will provide you with added safety which is the most important aspect of driving. If you’ve yet to replace your worn out tires, your car’s braking ability will become rather dangerous, not to mention harder to control from behind the wheel. Tire inflation is another maintenance aspect that should not be overlooked. The tire’s load capacity depends on its size, with smaller tires requiring lower levels of air pressure and bigger tires needing higher inflation. If tires are unevenly inflated it will result in uneven tire wear which will create instability. Proper fitting and rated tires will give you the confidence you need to take control of the road.

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A high performance vehicle truly needs a dependable set of tires, with an optimal tread pattern, that will give you a tighter grip to better adhere to the road.