Intelligent Tire Technology 2014: Promoting Accident-free Traffic

by Diana Smith in Reviews

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If, by any chance, you missed the 10th Annual Conference Intelligent Tires Technology that took place in Nürtingen – Germany, 21.-23. October 2014. do not  despair. We had prepared a short report for you and, hopefully, you will find it useful and successful in conveying the most important ideas from the conference.

As you know, the conference took place in Nürtingen – Germany, at the end of October. Apart from the beautiful scenery of the mid size town and all the benefits enjoyed by its position, time of year and size commodity (a contrast to possibility of extended tire use discussed at the conference, the best way to enjoy your time was to walk through the picturesque streets instead of driving) Nürtingen welcomed experts from all over the world that took part in discussions, as well as and presented at the conference. Among others, the topics discussed were: the latest world-wide regulations on tires; innovative solutions for improving acoustics, especially through foam; deep insight into the structure and latest developments of China Tire Industry; advanced technologies for intelligent tire systems and insight into tire testing for TPMS on a component level. The featured speakers were:

  • Hans-Rudolf Hein- Executive Advisor Standards and Regulations;
  • Prof. Dr.-Ing. Michael Kaliske-Institute for Structural Analysis;
  • Dr. Frank Klempau Manager New Tire/Wheel-Systems, Quality and Tire Data;
  • Dr.-Ing. Gregor Kuchler -Manager Intelligent Tire System;
  • Dr. Thomas Roscher-Team Coordinator TPMS Development;
  • Rizwan Ullah-Task Leader TPMS Wheels & Tyres;
  • Michael Unterreiner-Advanced Chassis Engineering;
  • Ivan Bailie-Head of Engineering for TPMS Schrader International GmbH and
  • Mary Xu (Xuwenying)-Vice Chairman and Secretary General at China Rubber Industry Association.

As you can see, a great number of expert speakers in different areas of car and tire industry, as well as members of various standards and regulations comities. On top of that, speakers from all corners of the world and various giant companies, united in promoting the benefits of intelligent tire technology.

So, what was promoted and why is everyone so excited about using intelligent tires?

Let us try and sum it up in a couple of sentences. Tire is the only contact your car has with the surface you ride on. On of the goals, when it comes to car and traffic safety is to keep it that way. Simply, the safest the tire, the safest you are (for more information on how to choose the right tires visit this tyre buying guide). Intelligent tires are sensor equipped in such way to transmit pressure, temperature, average load and the number of revolutions and send the data to your dashboard. Furthermore, it is able to provide readings of road conditions in order to optimize control of the dynamics of your car. Once again, this is mostly about safety and we all agree that it is the most important thing when it comes to transportation improvements. However, there are additional benefits gained from using intelligent tires.

You may wonder why the air pressure is so important, apart from safety, that it is monitored shoulder to shoulder with the mentioned data.  Having correctly inflated tires provides better steering, braking and cornering. On top of that, it helps reducing running costs by lowering consumption of fuel and extends duration of the tires.

If you are in transport business, these features are a great aid and will enable significant savings at the end of the month. Additionally, by controlling tire pressure constantly, you can prevent possible serious damages to the vehicles you drive, as well as to the cargo you are transporting. For example, if you put too much load onto your vehicle and were not in a situation to measure it precisely, which is the case in majority of loading situations, you could rely only on your instinct and find out during the trip whether you were right, or wrong ending up of the road until repair service reached you. With intelligent tires, it is a matter of a couple of hundred meters that you will be informed of an overload or whether the tire pressure should be adjusted to improve safety and fuel efficiency.

Obviously, the innovations in tire technology are constant and rapidly developing. The concept of intelligent tires has been developing for more than a decade and if you have not already used them it is high time you started. That is, if you continually search for a way to improve your transport business or you are a regular driver that pays necessary attention to safety. Either way, intelligent tires are a sure win.

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