How To Clean Your Car Windows Like A Pro

by Harry Johnson in Maintenance

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Do you want to be able to wash your car like an expert? Those who are in the know will be quick to tell you that those finishing touches really are what it is all about. So if you are looking for showroom shine you need to go all out with your car glass cleaner.

Bird poo, dirt, and fingerprints – we know, it makes us all want to scream.

A pro team are well versed in getting that streak-free look to your windows and windscreens. Here in this post, we are going to gather our best car cleaning tips to get your glass truly gleaming.

Taking It Back To Basics

Why Should You Use Car Glass Cleaner?

So why can’t you just use standard glass cleaner? Ammonia is found in the majority of household glass cleaning products – this is something your car will not love you for. Inhaling in ammonia in an enclosed space (like in your car) isn’t’ a pretty thing and it is going to dry out the plastic, rubber, leather, vinyl surfaces and so forth that it happens to come into contact with.

For people who have tinted windows – cleaning products that contain ammonia are your worst foe, not your friend!

Save The Windows Until Last

It’s only the amateurs that do the windows first when cleaning the car – an expert will tell you that the dirt that gathers as you clean means the window cleaning needs to be kept until the very end.

Microfibre Cloths Are Your Friend

For a real streak-free finish (and to work on stubborn residue) a microfibre cloth sure is your best buddy.

Make Use Of The Shade

If you are blessed with a sunny day, park yourself in the shade. If you are in direct sunlight the products you are using can evaporate quickly and lead to streaks on the windows.

Car Detailing Tips From The Pros

Know How To Use Your Cloth

The car glass cleaner should be sprayed directly onto your car window, then using one side of your microfibre cloth wipe until it is clean. Next turn the cloth over and use the dry side to give the glass a good buff – look, there isn’t any streaky residue in sight.

Put The Side Window Down

For the final touch, wind down the window and clean the top edge – after all, if dirt collects here it can undo all of that hard work you just invested.

Rear Windows Can Be Reached With The Back Of Your Hands

It can be pretty tricky to reach the rear windows so give it a go with the back of your hand, with the help of the microfibre cloth you should be able to get every inch covered.

Edges Are Not For Overlooking

One big difference between a car cleaned by a novice and one cleaned by a pros is the detail according to Mark’s Mobile Glass. The top edge of the window (the part near the rubber lip) is so easy to overlook. Car detailing experts know that this is an area that needs extra attention, and they are absolutely right.

Wipers Need Cleaning Too

If you forget about your wipers, they will forget about you when it comes to clearing water away from your windows in the most effective way.

Car cleaning products can be used to clean over the blades and keep them in the optimum condition.

Steer Clear Of Wax

As a final ‘protective; layer, some car detailers will make use of wax on the windows. We do not recommend this: silicone is found in wax products and you may find that it smears when the window gets wet. If you want a streak-free finish, stick to the car glass cleaner that has already been tried and tested.

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