Electric Car Tyres – The Present and the Future

by Jeremy Corrigan in Parts

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Tech websites and car blogs all over the internet are buzzing with the news on the electric vehicles. Ever since the meteoric rise of Tesla, the company famous for their Model S and Model X, everybody is praising the electric car, which, due to its extremely positive effect on the preservation of our environment, is considered to be the ultimate pretender to the title of road king.

However, as it usually goes with the topics mainstream audience is interested in, we do not hear too many details about what, apart from the obvious, makes those vehicles different. In this article, we will try to shed some light on one of the most important parts of every car – the car tyres – and see how the change in what gives engine power affects the rest of the vehicle.

Adapting to Change

To find more about how the tyres shape will change in order to adapt to the requirements of electric vehicles, we contacted mechanics from the tyre shop Tyre King Seven Hills, who gave us a couple of pointers on what to expect. The tyres of the future (for we are pretty sure electric vehicles is the only future ahead of us) will have to preserve the standards of stability during the change of direction as well as be able to answer to all handling challenges. They will also need to preserve as much energy as possible, due to the constraints of the EV battery.

In order to achieve this, the rolling resistance of these tyres needs to be significantly lower. Some EV tyres, such as models made by Continental, reduce the resistance for up to 30% compared to regular fuel powered cars’ tyres. This is presently accomplished by altering their shape, making them larger and narrower.


But is there anything apart from size and material adjustments that can make EV tyres different, perhaps revolutionary? If we are to judge by the ideas, concepts and prototypes which are being created at the moment, the tyres of the future might be even more important for the cars than they are now.

If you are wondering how, the answer is – we may soon use our tyres to charge the battery of the car! Technology needed for this is already available on the tyre side – as a matter of fact, not many changes will be necessary on the wheels, however, the necessary road infrastructure is still far from being there.


In the coming years, we will be witnessing the transformation of the car industry and each of its parts. It will be interesting to see how niche producers such as engine makers will adapt to the new requirements. Although the tyre industry is already far in the process of changing, there is still a long road ahead and many opportunities lying on the road sides. It remains to be seen when (because it is a matter of when, not if) the producers will incorporate them all into one successful product.

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