Defensive Driving Tips & Advices

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Driving defensively is a way of maintaining full control of your vehicle at all times and avoiding any problems that may occur on the road. Safe driving includes making a plan before taking a trip, being concentrated all the time and gaining the ability of observing and reacting the right way. A good defensive driver is a person that can concentrate on every action including the actions of other people on the road.

Reducing the chance collisions that can have a fatal income is the main goal of this way of driving. Mastering these techniques could be done by taking a safer drivers course at the driving school, like this one. Here are some tips for safe and defensive driving:


Ensuring a safe trip could be done by checking your tire pressure that realistically doesn’t take more than 5 minutes. You should check if the height of the tread is at the right level. Having the tread too low can be dangerous and can lead to serious problems especially when combined with lower pressure of your tires and high speeds. This can make the car go off the road and end up as a total disaster.

Keep thing clean

Keeping the mirrors and the windows clean is a way of ensuring safety in your car.If you are using glasses or lenses for your eye site make sure that they are clean too in order to see the road more properly.The mirrors of your car are made so you can see the blind spots and that is way they must be positioned well before starting you vehicle. If you are driving in a clean car you will also feel better and more relaxed on the road.


Check the level of the fluids of your car weekly. This includes your oil, gas, water, antifreeze, break fluids and even the fluids for your windshield. All of these things will keep your vehicle in tip-top shape and you won’t have a lot of major problems that can be hard and expensive to fix.

Enjoy the ride

Try not to drive if you are under any kind of emotional stress or if you are drinking pills for calmness because it can lead to falling asleep at the wheel. Anger can lead to road rage so try to lose this filling when you plan to sit behind the wheel. Music can have a relaxing effect on you so try to find some songs that promote calmness instead of aggressiveness. Do not drive under the influence of alcohol, strong medication or drugs because these are the number one reasons for so many fatal collisions in the United States.

Don’t argue, be polite

If you come across a driver that doesn’t have the adequate skills on the road be patient and don’t yell and argue because you will just make things worse. A lot of cases in America where two drivers start a fight, the situation develops into a physical account. Some of these situations end up with gun fights. You never know on what kind of a person you will bump into so stay calm and pack on a face filled with confidence and patience.

Be prepared

Always have you car well equipped with first aid kit in case of an emergency. If you are driving in summertime you should always have some liquid at reach. If it’s winter you should always have chains for you tires. Bring all the necessary tools and gloves in case you have a flat tire and it is not a bad idea to carry some old clothing so you don’t get dirty on your way to work. Watch the weather forecast before you leave and bring a raincoat and a fluorescent vest so people can see you on the side of the road.

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