Crucial Tips for Road Safety

by Diana Smith in Tips

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As road vehicles seem to be growing faster with each passing day, needs for safer roads follow in suit. Sometimes, the innovations are so advanced, that they appear as if they just walked out of a time machine.

Other times, improvements, or changes in road behavior are slight and simple, yet can save a myriad of lives.

By abiding these advice, you improve safety not only for yourself and your passengers, but to any one participant to the traffic – from roadside pedestrians and cyclists, to truck drivers and motorcyclists.

Speed Reduction

Okay, yes, this is an obvious one, but it cannot be stressed enough how much safety speed reduction brings upon roads. A decrease, as slight as that of 5mph reduces chances of fatalities in car crashes up to two times. Not only are you less likely to lose control over your vehicle, but it makes traffic accidents a lot less lethal. When it comes to innovative ideas, related to speed control, the brand new Intelligent Speed Adaption (ISA) system is supposed to ‘inform’ the vehicle about road limits. This futuristic technology has had tremendous success on its trial run in Sweden. So always approach the roads with speed reduction in mind. There’s no hurry!


Yes, yes, another obvious one. However, in combination with the ever-evolving airbag technology, seatbelts really do save lives. If travelling in a car, at full capacity, those sitting in the front seats are actually the ones that are in most danger. If the passenger behind you is travelling without a seatbelt, while you’re going through a car accident, the risks of them becoming a projectile fired straight at your neck, due to head-on collisions are huge. No airbag can save you from that. So if you really want to be responsible, go around the “dude, not cool at all” barrier and advise (order, even) everyone to buckle up and hope that they never get a chance to thank you for it.

Road Markings

It would be a misconception to deem all types of paint similar. Plenty of car crashes happen in low-visibility conditions, due to lack of quality road line marking. A lot of quality paint, designed specifically for roads, is being made all over the world. This can mean that these ‘specialized’ types of paint are made with fluorescent particles, which may not appear to be reflecting light, but are, in fact, highlighting the road boundaries for drivers. Furthermore, some paint types are more water and wear-and-tear resistant than others, as they are made with durability in mind. However, it should be made clear that renewing road paint is supposed to be done on a regular basis.

Driving under the Influence

Not all psychoactive substances change the way we perceive reality. However, all of them change our state of mind, and most of them influence our motor skills. There is some relevance to the fact that vehicles are considered potential murder weapons, and you wouldn’t give a gun to an inebriated person now, would you? Obviously, zero tolerance for drunk driving greatly reduces chances of car crashes and fatalities and has been introduced into certain countries as of recently, but plenty farmaceuticals have similar or even identical effects upon users. The lack of strict laws and easy ways to detect these is a huge oversight in driving laws all over the globe.

These are a couple of easy ways to maintain topmost road safety. Albeit simple, obvious and a bit nagging, these really do save lives and should, under no circumstances, be taken for granted. Driving can be fun and great speeds do give adrenaline boosts, but these tend to be quite unfortunate and even fatal. If everyone stuck to these rules, nobody would ever have to go through trauma, physical, or otherwise.

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As road vehicles seem to be growing faster with each passing day, needs for safer roads follow in suit.