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by Diana Smith in Reviews

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We are all aware that technology is constantly changing and new advancements appear on the market daily. Auto technology is no exception and new products in every field related to car use, from safety to entertainment create such a vast offer that it is often hard even to keep track of what is going on, let alone react immediately when something new hits the market.

On the other hand, this is often turns out to be budget friendly approach since the prices drop significantly as time passes and new products emerge. Which ever buying tactic you opt fore, these are interesting new advances in auto technology that you strongly consider.

Rear radar

Getting out of a packed parking space with a help of a rear camera is not a novelty in car technology. However, rear radar is not just warning drivers about objects that appear immediately behind a car while they are getting in or backing out of a parking space, this new radar technology searches for approaching traffic and warns the driver if any vehicle is coming. This great safety feature works on a principle of warning indicators installed in outboard mirrors and is a welcomed addition to any type of vehicle.

Intelligent tires

Another driving safety innovation are intelligent tires, a production program welcomed and developed by all leading car tire manufacturers for more than a decade now. The latest advancements include tires equipped with microchips that send information on road conditions, tire pressure and temperature to car’s central computer system and they appear on the dashboard warning the drivers on required corrections in their driving speed or necessary stop to inflate the tires in order to continue driving safely. Also, in coordination with car’s ABS system, the information provided by intelligent tires reduce stopping distance and improve stability when ABS system is used.


Bearing in mind the latest developments in video technology, nowadays car may look as film studios with all types of cameras available. Still, unless you wish your car to resemble a reality show, the choice needs to be narrowed to the most useful and practical ones. When it comes to safety, crash cameras are a number one choice without a doubt.

Once again, the offer is vast and make sure you consult the vendors on which camera would be the best for your type of vehicle and driving habits. When it come to entertainment cameras, Gore type of camera would be the best choice for recording your travels and capturing the most important and interesting details both outside and inside the car.

Speed and GPS control

Every concerned parent knows what thoughts go through his or her head when their youngsters sit behind the wheel and go out for a drive alone for the first time. And every other time, for that matter.

The latest GPS innovations make it possible to monitor not only the exact location of the vehicle, but the level of fuel available, the engine temperature, tire condition and other important safety features through integration of GPS online service and car’s computer system. On top of that, when it comes to speed control, it is now possible to program it an limit it according to your preference. The same applies to volume of music played through car stereo, which is, if played to loud, a strong distracter for any driver, especially a novice one. All in all, you will be calmer and your youngsters safer.

In seat massager

All frequent and long distance drivers know how severe, disturbing and distracting back pain caused by long term sitting in the same position may be. There is nothing better to release the pain than a good massage, which is, unfortunately, rarely available and hard to organize in our busy schedules, especially when we are behind the wheel. Luckily, in seat massager makes a thorough and regenerating massage possible while driving, creating better and healthier driving conditions. Naturally, less frequent drivers will also benefit, who wouldn’t like to be massaged whenever possible?

Obviously, safety is still a prime concern when it comes to technological innovations. On the other hand, entertainment and more pleasant driving conditions are not neglected and forgotten neither. Surely, things will continue to develop, to everyone’s benefit for sure.

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