6 Pieces of 4×4 Equipment Everyone Should Own

by Mark Osbourne in Parts

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We all know what we bought our 4 wheel drives for. After all, there is nothing that can compare to the joy of being able to reach remote places, unpopulated areas and explore landscapes visiting which in the past took months of preparation, tonnes of equipment and food.

Even though hopping into our fortress on wheels and driving to wherever we please is much safer and easier than it used to be, we still need to consider adding a thing or two which will make our experience safer and more fun. Here is just a couple of additions you might consider when deciding to start your 4×4 adventure.


There is nothing so rewarding like a bottle of cold drink on the road. As a matter of fact, the very fact that you can afford to have a cold drink in the middle of nowhere, the sun scorching hot in the sky, is pleasant by itself. Car fridges can be found in pretty much any 4×4 accessories shop out there are very affordable and work well, just be sure to read a review or two before the purchase – the experience of your fellow drivers will help you make the best decision.

Diff Locks

Locking differentials are a type of automotive differential which provide better traction by restricting the wheels on the same axle to the same speed of rotation. Traction is a friend of every 4×4 driver, so there is no need to elaborate further on why you will love diff locks on difficult terrains.

Mud Tires

And speaking of difficult terrains and the need for traction, the best friend of every four wheeler are mud tires. Their large tread patterns are perfect for mud (as their name suggests) but also for dirt and all kinds of off road obstacles. Just be sure to equip them only for off road adventures – they are not well suited for highway rides.

Roof Rack, Drawer System and Cargo Barrier

Depending on the length of your trip, you will need to pack a considerable amount of equipment and supplies. Some people even like to carry a couple of bicycles with them. Make sure your storage space is well organized by setting up a drawer system and compartmentalizing your cargo area. A roof rack will provide you with additional space which you can utilize for carrying bulky things like bikes.

Tool Kit

If you are going for a long trip into the wilderness, the chances are there are no mechanics around crazy enough to set up a shop in the middle of nowhere. This is why owning a comprehensive tool kit is a must have. You are probably rarely going to need it and it might seem like a waste of space, but trust us, once your 4×4 decides to stop, you will be happy you managed to fit it in.

Be Prepared

This one does not look like your regular 4×4 accessory, right? But as a matter of fact, your preparedness for the worst is the most valuable accessory you can carry with you. We are not saying you should stop enjoying the trip and dedicate yourself to fretting over everything that can possibly go wrong, but if you are ready for every eventuality, your 4×4 excursion is guaranteed to be a great one.

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